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LOVE JARS for use with Marriage and Relationship Counseling

LOVE JARS and LOVE JAR Therapy are wonderful concepts and excellent tools to incorporate into any marriage, couples or relationship counseling and/or retreats.  LOVE JARS and LOVE JAR Therapy can also be something couples or families can try on their own to begin to create or foster the positive, loving relationship you are desiring or that you may already have.

Consider getting a set of LOVE JARS (1 for each of you) and begin putting positive, loving notes in the jar for your spouse or loved-one.  Make sure you devote an effort to put at least 1 note in the LOVE JAR everyday.  Notes can be something you love about your spouse or your loved-one, fond memories, times you remember laughing together, etc.

We would like to share an article that we think may be very helpful for couples to read and consider….
(We also believe you should incorporate LOVE JARS and LOVE JAR Therapy into this counseling suggestion.)


DIY Marriage Counseling

Below is a direct link to the original article by:
Brett & Kate McKay; as posted on artofmanliness.com

(We suggest that you also incorporate LOVE JARS into their suggestions. Write a note of a loving thought or memory and put it into the LOVE JAR you have for your spouse or loved one.  Do this at least daily if possible.  On their suggested “Go on a weekly date”; you can share some of your notes from the LOVE JARS you have for each other.)