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LOVE JARS for Family Time


Someone in the LOVE JAR family shared with us their story of how they use LOVE JARS,

and suggested that we share this as an excellent idea for use with Family Time!


“We have officially made Monday evenings our “LOVE JAR” night! “

When I heard about LOVE JARS and signed up for a Virtual LOVE JARS account; I had the idea this was something we could do as a family. Later that evening; which was a Monday, I had my husband and two kids (9 and 12) sign up for a Virtual LOVE JAR account before we all sat down for dinner. My 12 yr old has my old smart phone that she gets to use and text her friends after school, and we signed up my 9 yr old an account from our family tablet. We took turns and said something we LOVE and noted it into our LOVE JARS. It only took a few minutes and we agreed that we will do this at least every week together.


Thanks for sharing!!!

LOVE JARS is an excellent way to bring families a little closer together!

It is also GREAT that children are seeing and sharing in Loving Positive Thoughts and Memories being Important to the family. We hope that everyone that reads this shared story will consider incorporating LOVE JARS into their own Family Time. If you don’t already have a “Family Time”, maybe this is a great idea and opportunity for you to start.


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