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LOVE JARS for use with

Wedding Ceremonies or Receptions.

LOVE JARS is a wonderful concept to incorporate into a wedding ceremony, reception or both.

Each would have a LOVE JAR for the other.  Sometime during the wedding ceremony or as part of the reception; perhaps before or after the speeches or cutting the cake, spouses would write their first loving note to each other and deposit it into their LOVE JAR.  Notes can be a reason you love your spouse, a memory that you love, or simply that you love to think about your future together.

Spouses can make an agreement together to put notes in the LOVE JARS daily, weekly or simply whenever you have a loving thought or memory to note and save.  Notes from the LOVE JAR can be shared with each other on a regular basis as well to help foster a healthy loving relationship together.  A weekly or monthly date night can include sharing a few notes from your LOVE JAR for your spouse and can help reinforce the love you have for each other.

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