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LOVE JARS for use with Hospice

LOVE JARS and LOVE JAR Therapy is an wonderful concept for use with Hospice care. 

We are reaching out to all Hospice service companies, organizations AND families of loved ones in hospice, or nearing their end of life period, to share this concept with your clients and/or your family and friends.

Do you already often sit bedside with your clients (or your loved one) and provide note or letter writing assistance for them? 

A LOVE JAR is the perfect place for those notes and letters!  (read more in About“; creating treasured heirlooms)

Notes can begin “I love to remember…” , “I always loved it when…” , “I remember once when…” , etc.

A LOVE JAR can not only create a priceless treasured keepsake for the surviving family members, but has therapeutic aspect that can benefit your clients and their families as well; which we call LOVE JAR THERAPY.

LOVE JARS can help keep the mind focused on Positive Loving Thoughts during this very tough time.

LOVE JAR THERAPY for Memory Retention and Recollection

LOVE JARS is an excellent way to not only help capture the loving thoughts and memories into a treasured keepsake note by note, memory by memory…BUT ALSO a  therapeutic tool for recalling memories that could be incorporated into a therapy on a daily basis, or to just record memories and loving thoughts.  We also suggested to pull out a note daily from the jar and remember the loving thought or memory and remember having had the memory, this could possibly help spark another connected memory.  You can put all notes into one LOVE JAR or you can have multiple or specific LOVE JARS for children or grandchildren (read more in About“; creating treasured heirlooms).


There may also be a therapeutic effect that LOVE JARS can have on the family and loved ones of the person in hospice battling memory loss during their end of life period.  Knowing that there are many memories to refer to and knowing that they were able to share in so many happy loving things in their loved ones’ life can be comforting to some degree for the families; The LOVE JAR full of memories and shared love is something they will have to reinforce that.  A LOVE JAR is also be something wonderful to do together when loved ones are visiting.  This will not only provide something to do while visiting, but will keep family thinking of positive and loving thoughts instead of negative thoughts or feelings like sadness, fear, uncertainty and awkwardness of what to do or say.


We have also just launched our “Virtual LOVE JARS” which you can access by laptop, smartphone, notepad or kindle.

You can access and create a free account with or for your client where they will have a set of 3 Virtual Love Jars.  Notes and letters can be entered and saved into their Virtual LOVE JARS online.

A Gift of an actual physical LOVE JAR; that can be displayed and visible to the client and visiting family members, can also be a very powerful tool and visual reminder of Positive Loving Thoughts and Memories. 


We would like to offer bulk order discounts to Hospice service companies and organizations that would give LOVE JARS as a gift to their clients.  Below you will find links to our traditional LOVE JARS that are available for bulk orders.  We also have numerous limited quantity more decorative LOVE JARS available for individual purchasing in our shop.

Please contact us at the contact link below and we will create a bulk order discount price for you, or feel free to take advantage of our promo; 20% off entire order in our shop (coupon code “LOVE20“), and place your order today.


Share the Gift of LOVE

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