LOVE JARS is a concept and a tool for creating or fostering positive loving thoughts and lives throughout the world.

A LOVE JAR is a physical manifestation and tool of the concept.


Love Jars is a wonderful concept from many different aspects and even in it’s simplest form, can create a priceless keepsake; a treasured heirloom to those who will one day receive the Love Jar that you have hand filled with love.

Although the concept may appear simple on the surface; (write a Loving Note and put it in your Love Jar),

Love Jars becomes something much deeper…  and truly is quite magical; as we hope you will find.


A LOVE JAR FOR YOURSELF:    A Love Jar for yourself would be for you to put your notes of loving thoughts in general; and you would write your own name on the Love Jar label.    You would write notes and put them in it.  Begin filling up your Love Jar with notes of things you love and enjoy, things that make you smile, your favorite Love quotes or poems, family stories. things you want remembered…etc.   What do you love?

LOVE JARS FOR YOUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN:  A Love Jar for your child and/or grandchild or other loved one is where you would put specific notes of loving thoughts and memories for that person….Things you enjoyed doing together, memories of them growing up, times you laughed together, family stories, favorite memories, other thoughts of love, etc.. The Love Jar will be theirs one day.
Larger Love Jars can also be a great place for some favorite saved things like crayon drawings, hand made cards, etc.

Thinking of giving a Love Jar as a gift for your special someone?….GET 2, and each have a Love Jar for the other!

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Below is a shared story that may also help give an idea of what Love Jars can be…

We got Grandma Love Jars for all the Grandkids…

“What a great idea!  My mother has been very lonely since my father passed a few years back. I heard about these Love Jars and decided to get a jar for each grandkid and give them to my mom for Mothers Day.  At first I think she was a little overwhelmed by the idea of filling all the jars but told her to just give it a try to put one note in a jar everyday.  I spoke to my mom the next week and she was having a great time and even laughing out loud with some memories she was having.  The week after that we visited her and there were photo albums out all over.  There were quite a few notes in all the jars and she said she is going to get jars for us too (her kids) as she has many notes to put in them already too.  She even says she is putting some loving memories in the jars of grandpa and things he did with the grandkids when they were too young to remember.  What a GIFT to have found this gift!
Thank you for the new life these Love Jars has given to mom and our family.”    - Mya

Share your Love Jar story with us.